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The Institute of Work Psychology (IWP) was first established under the name Social and Applied Psychology Unit (SAPU) in 1968. Professor Peter Warr gives a full account of the IWP’s development in his blog.

The IWP is situated in the Sheffield University Management School and consists of academics within a broad range of work psychology.

Our research falls within four main themes:

  • Organising and organisations
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Creativity, innovation and performance
  • Work and wellbeing

In this blog you can read about our latest research and practical insights under each of our four themes. Our blogs are written by IWP members, both staff and PhD students, and also by our collaborating partners. The views are our own and we hope our blogs will be of interest to academics, practitioners, and policy makers.

If you would like to write a blog, please contact us.

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Vision and mission of IWP

The vision of the IWP is to facilitate the development of organisations that make workplaces safer, more effective, innovative and nicer places to be.

Our mission is to act as a major hub for work psychology research in Europe by promoting the discipline of work psychology and producing and disseminating high-quality research that promotes the wellbeing, safety, effectiveness, and innovation of employees within organisations and management practices tat allow individuals and organisations to thrive.

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